"Love Yourself" : Two words that have changed million of lives


"Love yourself."

How can a two-word sentence can be so powerful, that it has changed lives of milion people? 

It is just a reminder that no one tells anyone. No one reminded us that we need to love ourselves. BTS did.

When I first started it, I took a very simple step. Earlier, whenever I went through very hard time, I just wanted to leave the world. I might not really want to die, I just wanted to escape. When I came to know about Love Myself, what I did was during such bad times, when the thought of death was about to come in my head, I told myself, "Love yourself."

When people made me think I am the problem and I don’t belong to the world, I told myself, "Love yourself."

When people criticised me harshly, I told myself, "Hey, why are you breaking down? Don't you love yourself?"

And it worked.

I haven’t thought of dying for years. 

I try to live every moment and look ahead instead of being afraid of changes and what lies ahead. 

I remind myself that my life is worth living and I am a unique one. 

Love is a divine feeling, even if it is self-love. When I look into my eyes in the mirror and smile, when I listen to my heartbeat lying on bed in a silent noon when everyone is asleep, when I feel a sudden euphoria out of nowhere, or when I confess myself, "I'm sorry, I shouldn’t do that to you." and about to cry, when I talk to myself and laugh, those are the feelings that no one else can give me. 

I try to know myself more everyday and I am discovering myself everyday.

Taking care of myself is a beautiful thing. As I am a bit out of touch from my parents because both of them are doctors, I take care of me. It feels like self-parenting. Instead of crying about why others don't give me much time, I myself try to fill in the blank. 

As an introvert, earlier I became disappointed when I compared my world with other teenagers. It felt like my world is boring, dry, dull and kind of matured. Now I have stopped comparing and started loving and accepting my own world and attitude. I am surprised to see how beautiful it is. My way of making friendship, celebration or happiness may be different, but it isn't wrong. It’s unique. 

Now I am more confident than ever before. I can speak myself, I can raise my voice. I trust myself now. And I value myself instead of feeling inferior. My younger self used to think that "I can do nothing special. " I even questioned my existance sometimes. 

Now I know that life is a journey, a journey of finding yourself through good and dark experiences. The journey of finding the map of your soul. The journey of finding who you are.

I still remember the day when I listened to BTS for the first time in my life. They said that you're a star, you can shine brighter than anyone else and light up the night. That concept moved my heart and to this day I still remember that feeling. I remember listening to their UN speech in 2020. Each line of that speech reached straight into me and I still cherish them. I remember how the song named Epiphany touched my heart and I realized how emotional self love can be. I remember listening to Answer : Love Myself and thought how beautifully they are conveying their messages. It felt like I should really fall in love with me.

"Let our faces be the light which helps us find our way."
-RM of BTS
I'm the one I should love in this world
These lines are from the song Epiphany

After losing my best friend, I thought I would never be happy again. But I told myself that I shouldn’t ruin my life for other. I must live my life. I focused on myself. And then I realized that I was becoming happy again. And I will always be able to find it as long as I have myself and love myself. 

My friend told me a thing long ago, " Love isn't just a thing between two people. It can even be me, myself and I. "

She was right. I can feel it now.

BTS said that everyone's way of loving themselves is different. 

I love my introvert and disabled self.

I love my younger self who used to mess up things.

I love who I am now. 

I love me simply because it's me.

I love me because I am unique. 

I love me even though I make a lot of mistakes and I still lack so much. 

I love me because I know there are a lot of things inside of me to love.

True love doesn’t depend on perfection. 

It depends on acceptance. 

I even realize now that if there is one person in the world to whom I can say "I purple you", that will be me.

The beautiful campaign is reaching to it’s fourth anniversary. I am surprised to see how many lives of young people around me have changed because of it, including my own. I am surprised to see how much I have changed and grown since I have taken part in the campaign. I feel proud of BTS and I feel proud to be a part of Love Myself .

I am proud to say that I am an ARMY. 

Not because BTS is becoming so famous day by day, but because they launched a life-changing campaign, Love Myself.

Answer love myself
These lines are from the song Answer : Love Myself
True love doesn’t depend on perfection. It depends on acceptance.