Males & Females: 2 Sides Of The Same Coin

My artwork of both genders.

Have you heard of the term, "two sides of the same coin"? Humanity has two sides, just like a coin. If a coin has one side, it wouldn't be anything of value or anything at all. Humanity, like coins have two sides: males and females. Just like a coin, if humanity, for example, only had the male gender, it would all be meaningless without their female counterparts.

In every living organism, males and females are integral. They all have an equal role to fulfill in creating life and leading the way for others to follow suit. So, if, among the 100%, 50% are males and 50% are females, equality should also be a 50/50 ratio instead of a 60/40, if you know what I mean.

We have come all the way to the 21st century, and still, gender inequality exists. Now, to reveal a harsh truth, we CANNOT make everything equal. Inequalities will ALWAYS exist. That's just how life is. I had to learn this the HARD way.

As a child, I always believed the world was or will be sunshine and rainbows and have believed this until 2 years ago, when I was a pre-teen, 11-year-old, girl. I asked a close relative of mine why isn't everyone equal, why is there equity but less equality? My relative explained that equity is needed for a balance in our world and if there was too much equality, the world will be "boring" as he called it; there will be no competition or zeal and life will be so monotonous that people will complain that there is nothing interesting or any serious issues to discuss.

"For example", he said, "if the world's 7.5 billion people were rich, there will be nothing worth striving for, no inspirational stories like 'rags to riches' ones and beyond. We wouldn't work hard to achieve our goals and everyone will have the same story, nothing'll be unique to our individual selves." 

I took his words to heart, but I still wanted one form of equality and that is within the two genders. Girls often think that boys always get their way and this may be true, but not always the case. You see, boys are pressured too. A male classmate once sobbed uncontrollably after someone made nasty comments about him.

His so-called "friends" told him to "man-up" and "stop crying like a girl." Hold on, who said only girls can cry? Boys aren't robots and they have the right to express their emotions too. This form of toxic masculinity exists everywhere. Men and boys have to hold in their emotions like machines as they fear being called babies and what not.

Men also have this perpetual pressure to be "the man of the house", especially married ones. People also find it unsettling to find working mothers and stay-at-home fathers as women are expected to give birth, but that's not their lives all about. Why, why does it baffle everyone to see working women? Both sexes can work. And why do people associate women with cleaning, cooking and taking care of children? Cooking and cleaning is a skill men also require and fathers too have to care for their children, don't they?

Let's not pressure men to be "manly" and women to be "homely." They can be whatever they want and society's gotta respect that. Let there be equality, at least for the genders. Girls mostly have it harder than boys but that doesn't mean boys don't have pressure. Some people still have ancient concepts in this modern world. Let those backdated ideas fly out the window and let's be more open to new ideas. And men, boys, women and girls, don't let anyone tell you what to do!

Humanity is like a coin, it has 2 sides; males and females.
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