My Times


During the end of middle school, I was having hectic times. Self-doubt, social anxiety & no self-love made it the worst for me. I felt so lost.

At one point, I questioned myself, "Is it how I wanted to live?" It's true that it's so hard to find someone in your hard times.

But I did, I found them, BTS 💜. Their words, through the music lyrics, literally fixed me.

And of course, they are still helping me to heal every day. I'm so grateful for the LOVE MYSELF Campaign by UNICEF; they did great together.

After the campaign, I realized, " How beautiful & unique I am... & I'm worth it." Since I became an ARMY in 2017, I have felt so honored, proud & lucky being an ARMY.

Being a YOUTH is hard... so is life. But it's not impossible. I know millions of people having a hard time. Especially now, or we can say, after the pandemic. I promise it'll end soon. But you have to know you are not alone. So, you shouldn't feel lonely. If there is no one beside you listen, talk to yourself. It will help you a lot. Don't lose yourself, believe in yourself &and you will get it.

Always remember that you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are because you are the rare thing!