A New Reality


Coronavirus. COVID-19. A global pandemic.

A crisis that goes by countless names, from city to city, state to state, nation to nation. Plaguing the weak and targeting all with no remorse. No one saw this coming for two reasons, one we simply cannot predict the future, and two… we made a joke out of it.

For weeks, months even, coronavirus was simply a subject on social media where memes were being made and a joke was made out of suffering. People were desensitized, people began to feel untouchable, that was of course until they were touched. Coronavirus does not discriminate. Being a high school student at this time I saw it all before my eyes, shocked and still in disbelief.

Until one day, Coronavirus entered the U.S., my country, then came to my state, and soon after to my town. More and more hospitalized, death after death.

 It still feels like I am living in a false reality. This seems like a tragic dream rather than my reality. Until Coronavirus was in my town I couldn’t grasp that this was reality. But we must, if we continue to believe this pandemic is solely existing in social media and news networks rather than reality, it will be prolonged. We need to help, we need to do what we can, stay inside if we are able, and keep those around us as safe as possible.

In the blink of an eye I transformed from a public school student to an online student. My peers and I thought this transformation would be two weeks long as was initially told to us, but it has been over a month and no end seems to be quite near.

This has changed my life immensely, as I am sure it has for many. Motivating yourself is crucial in this new environment, but so many are unable to do so. Students who previously attended school daily are not getting out of bed each morning, showering each day, exercising, or socializing with their families.

They have given up, simply because they can. There is a time where motivation needs to be sparked from within, where you have to want to learn to actually do so successfully. Students being able to do essentially nothing is concerning, concerning for their future, but more so for their wellbeing. It’s not healthy physically or mentally to do nothing at all. Students feeling alone, uncared for, and not caring are in more danger now than ever. We need to look out for these people, the ones who haven’t been able to find their motivation from within.

Coronavirus means a temporary new reality for us all. This needs to be made clear, our world has changed and will continue to do so. Know this, and all will be well with time. Don’t make your new reality nothingness. Those who can function on a new schedule have learned to adapt to this new reality, but we need to help those who struggle, which is quite common.

While we will continue to do what we can for the ill, students must be looked after as well. While children may not be the primary target of the coronavirus, they are emotionally, as are we all. Don’t look past this concern, it’s vital to many. Look after all you can, but most importantly look out for yourself first. We will get past this, but in the meantime we must learn how to endure.

We will get past this, but in the meantime we must learn how to endure.
United States of America