It had started long before I was born

Settlements approaching,

Not soon after we began to mourn

Deforestation encroaching.


We are helpless nymphs with our roots too deep.

Nowhere to run too, just left to dream

Of death coming closer, the nightmare it creeps.

The end is near for all, it seems.


The air is polluted.

The atmosphere is heating, and the land is steaming.

A wave of wildfires, melting ice caps, rising sea levels are upon us, yet they are still deluded

That change is not important, that climate change does not exist, that are all just dreaming


We hear the screams and cries of our brothers and sisters.

For every tree that falls the air becomes thicker,

Darker, sicker, toxic even for any madam or mister.

An unworthy sacrifice we make so they can get timber


For wood, for land and for everything in between

Justifies the killing of so many ecosystems it seems.

We also hear the few, not many it appears, try to intervene.

Across the lake the voices grow, I hope more join and develop a scheme.       


The forest, the trees in unity

Gift us with air, with oxygen

The more trees the better the quality

Of the air, of life, of living even.


The forests, these magnificent infinite number of trees

Now more finite than was before

These glorious bodies that detoxify the breeze

Serving mankind, only to end up dead in a bookstore


Or burnt as a stake

Or built as a hut

Or left to hang around butchered, dead but awake.