OUR generation = OUR rights

A woman holding a tablet and watching a life stream

In today's world we are not able to recognize our rights anymore.

What rights do we have today? What are our limits? Has being insecure destroyed our opportunities in a world, where the biggest dream is to become famous and the worst nightmare is to meet someone who doesn’t use any social media platform?

What are the rights that can protect a new born baby or an adult or anyone else just because they’re human? Not because they’re a good person or a bad one? The rights that truly protect us?

Human rights is the only truly universal language on this earth, except sadly and perhaps constantly, under attack. Especially the right to life. 

What would it take for us to forever not descend into war?

Every life matters, which makes the right of proper investigation into any untimely death a crucial one. What happened to the right to respect your family and your life, in a world where there is no privacy anymore? The right to not be subjected to degrading treatment or torture?

It is now a world where girls are taught perfectionism instead of bravery. Where life became a platform to show who has more wealth or privilege. Where it became hard to think critically because of the fear of being hated.

There’s the right to not experience a knock on the door and disappear that too many still face today. The human rights discourse makes the balance between personal privacy and the lawful surveillance on the internet which is so important for this generation which is finding itself increasingly dead.

The most important of them all is the right to free speech and expression that we highly need in our community, but why do I feel the right for equal treatment is more important?

Because, if we practice empathy, there will be no war, no torture and no slavery. Trust me, whatever people say and no matter how hateful they are, everyone loves human rights. 

They love their own rights, but others human rights are a bit of a problem. That’s the biggest downfall in our world where there are people wishing to live on a planet where others rights are not protected, and I’m NOT one of them.

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” – Nelson Mandela
Syrian Arab Republic