Peace shall reign

Poems for peace

Marking  International Poetry Day (21 March 2020), a group of young poets and Voices of Youth contributors write about the power of peace. Their poems are a cry to end violence against children, and a message of support to the children and youth affected by conflict. 

Salman is a 21 year old writer, a poet and a motivational speaker from Nigeria, who frequently writes on Voices Of Youth about Culture and Human Rights. You can read his content here.


The world is placed for peace 

and grounds for unity.


For people to leave even without kisses 

but not a piece of a calamity.


Now a lot has changed in the story

many things has fallen including the tallest stories.


The nature is in danger, man is in anger

for getting beheaded everyday and so the animals and the helping trees.


The word peace has been shredded into pieces 

warriors dropped their swords, pulled back and push the weak ones to fight.


Not knowing as they get weaker, for them there'll be no more heroes.


But as the ink slides through the nib

The heart gets connected to the brain

The brain sends command to the fingers


It will always be "THE WAR MUST END"