The Power of Gratitude- Poetry

Book with pen and writing "Today I am grateful"
It is the perfect time to thank the NHS and the key workers for everything they have done!

In the darkness of the night,

or the brightness of the day


In the depths of the sea,

or the heights of the sky


In the silence of the streets,

or the chaos of the house


I am forever grateful for everyone and everything.


This mere feeling of gratitude,

overrides the inevitable solitude in our hearts


It has the ability to turn sadness and happiness,

a house into a home, an enemy into a friend


It can turn helplessness into helpfulness,

failure into success, procrastination into productivity


Evil into Good


Therefore, I am grateful for my family, friends and teachers.

By surviving we are thriving,

And by appreciating we are creating,


Creating a better world for the rest of us,


Those of us that are left.

The struggle ends when the gratitude begins.