The power of kind words in creative works

One kind word can change someone's entire day

People who do creative works such as writing, singing, painting and so on, are largely dependent on reception of their works, people's reactions to their works. Sometimes, based on this reception they decide whether they should go on or quit.

Of course, creative workers mainly do their works out of their passion, but criticism contributes a lot. Appreciation is a force that encourages a person to keep going with their works. On the other hand, hate comments can make a person give up. 

I have started to realize the power of kind words after starting to write. I see how a little touch of appreciation, a kind comment can make my day. It increases my confidence and makes me believe that finally I have become able to touch people’s heart. So I should keep going with my writings, not only for me but also for them. They help me believe that I can do something special. Their inspiration is an encouraging force for me. 

This is my story, but I know other people also feel the same way. My words can light up someone else's world the same way. This simple act of kindness connects me with them. 

You may not realize, but your words can make huge difference. So think before leaving a comment. If someone's work inspires you, let them know. It wil inspire them too. If you dislike someone's work, you can tell it kindly. Of course, people make mistakes, and you should help them correct it. But don't spread hate. Hate comments can make worse impact than you think.