The Power of Using your voice

A girl walking on a field with a golden sunset.

A voice is a tool that transports us into the future. A future that has more possibilities and more solutions. A voice is a tool that can be used for standing up for what is right, rather than what is easy. A voice gives your opinions a platform, and gifts you with the opportunity to have perspective and knowledge on things that matter. No two voices are the same, each voice has something different to say. And in a world that needs to represent freedom and democracy, a voice is a powerful symbol of this. It is what has allowed people to protest injustice, to sing for freedom, or simply speak the truth. A voice can be a source of hope in difficult times.

Using your voice for the truth is important to create a better world. Everyone’s voice matters. It is important to not let yourself become silenced, because when a voice is not used it prevents the opportunity for a true democracy where each voice is valued in a peaceful manner. Voices convey passion and excitement; voices can convey anything, whether it’s a feeling, a place, or an idea. In a way, voices are a superpower if you know how to use it.

Voices can be used to create change. People can take anything material from you, but your voice is one of the things that cannot be taken away. Voices are meant to encourage other voices too, to unite and support each other.  One of the most powerful things someone can do is to use their voice. 

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