Room and chairs


Have you seen a bird?

Perhaps she is not caged, 

But our eyes are illusioned.


When I set out to discover myself, 

They stop me right there,

Why do you do that? I ask,

They never give an answer.


One wintry evening,

Under the golden streak of light, 

Extended my hands to catch-

Hold that one single cloud, 

They say, ‘You’re mad!’

Just because I laugh at them.


Is this how you label?


My eyes don’t wink anymore, 

Not sure, if that’s my dream,

I want a blank slate,

I want to draw from scratch,

Alas, they don’t let me!


My feet don’t stay anymore,

They want to fly up high,

Mine tryst is too strong,

They try to stop me,

My grin, they don’t understand.



Though retreat is uncertain,

I step up ever too often,

Night’s fallin’ at the door,

My dreams are for real,

‘Useless’, is too soon to assume.


Their steps are approaching,

I can hear that clutter,

They cannot keep me back,

because hope is the thing like feathers.


I see the stars now,

They were too far away--

Now I can feel them

The rays of Sun will knock at my door.


Perhaps, I will go with them,

They laugh at me again,

Ask me, are you dreaming?


Today I laugh back at them,

I say,

 ‘Dreams are hopes,

 you can never snatch’

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