Self Care: the adventure in your head

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I am sure everyone is asking tonnes of important questions. Who am I? Do I feel good? Do they feel good? What should we change? Start your adventure of self care, face your fears and love yourself. Everything will be fine.

The quarantine gave us an opportunity to face the things that we didn't have time to think before. It is time to start your own adventure in your head. You will feel more confident and calm.

My own adventure started two weeks ago. I started planning what I would do, what I would eat, what I would read ... It is easy to write down your plan, but pretty hard to follow, haha. (There is a cool expression that my parents used to tell: To have the fruit you must climb the tree.).

At first, I was distracted by everything. I read that meditations are very useful, so I googled how what to do: sit on the floor and breathe for 10 or more minutes. My morning meditations were like a car accident: I tried to stop my thoughts with other thoughts like “Hey, stop thinking” or "It's not meditation, you are doing everything wrong".

The second week went much better. I realized that I can meditate through drawing something. I had noticed before how drawing calms me, but I didn’t think that this was the meaning of meditation. Perhaps then I am no longer a beginner but a guru, haha.

Reading books and studying is a great pleasure now, I imagine studying process as climbing the mountain. In the evening I arrange races to the kitchen. Whoever loses is washing the dishes.

Now I am happy to share what I found: 1. try to understand yourself. 2. try your own routine, maybe what you found on the Internet won't suit you. It's time to use your creativity and imagination. 3. Try to rationally understand what you do, what you eat, what you say. (Think first, haha.)

I tried to illustrate all of these: the maze of thoughts and feelings, me running and trying to understand what is better, and the joy of being calm.

Stay safe!

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