Silent screams

The various phases of a girl wearing a mask depicts the state of world citizens in today's scenario. Getting vaccinated and social distancing are the means to beat corona with a smile.

I am not writing a poem today,
I am not using my intellect to win your hearts,
There is no rhyming scheme nor fancy words,
I am going to tell you a tale of my blatant feelings,
Of a time which was hard on me,
And seemed like beyond any healing.

I still remember those tears whose only companion was my pillow,
My soft bed which felt like a pit too hollow,
The screams inside my head was a chaos too much,
Those pink and white pills didn't seem to work as such,
My disturbed sleep was witness of angst attacks,
The void self just wanted one companion to hark.

To my best friend who saw the tears behind my smile,
To my mother who heard my silent screams,
To my doctor who held my hands while I cried,
To the society which made me strong by not standing behind,
To my inner self which never gave up in these hard times.