A Sincere Concern

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There have been a lot of instances in my life as a teenager, when I wished to have someone who could come up to me and ask me from their heart, if I AM OKAY?! People did ask but I never felt comfortable enough to confide in them. I was always sceptical about whether they are sincerely concerned and at most times, I was right. They were not. 

People ask each other if they are doing okay... or if they have anything troubling them.. almost every time. But most of us stick to a painful lie that we are doing fine, when in reality we are mentally screaming out of frustration and stress. 

I have felt like that: frustrated, lonely, mentally down and it got worse when someone would come up and ask me "what is it?" because I could see in their eyes that they are not truly concerned. 

You may have a lot of people in your life. Family, friends, other acquaintances.. Yet you feel you are lonely and at the moment, the only thing you would want is someone you could talk to. Someone who might not understand your situation, but do care about you. I have felt that. I have wanted that.

Every child, Every adult , feels that. Everyone does.

There are two sides to this coin.

It's just a question?

When did 'Are you okay?' or 'Do you want some help.. do you want to talk about it' become just questions to start a conversation? It is something much more than just a question. 

It has the power to console the mentally wounded for it makes them feel that they are being cared for, loved and wanted. 

It can help someone, if only you could put some more love and warmth into this.

Would they be judgmental?

Why aren't you ready to confide in your closest? We are often afraid if they would be judgmental towards you. Which is why, we find random strangers more comfortable to talk to about our issues, if they care to spend a moment to be concerned about you. 

How does it affect children?

Recently I asked a few of my friends if they felt comfortable talking to their parents or other elders about the issues they faced. The matter that I understood did not revolve around comfortability but about something even more serious. It was about concern. Children will always be comfortable to talk to their parents but what if they are reluctant to do so.. Because they do not feel that their parents are concerned enough to spend a moment with them. Children need that. They do not want just someone to advise or to guide them, they want someone to spend some time with.. and to talk to. 

Children face a lot of troubles, do not consider them as insignificant. They do not need a therapist. They just need someone to talk to and every parent can be that 'someone'.

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