Stand Straight

Person standing free on top of a cliff

Tough times come and go.

Leaving our lives, in pain and woe.

Amidst all our greed and desire, 

We watch misfortune, destroying, like fire.


Hearts left empty, hollow, and broken,

Minds in grief, all unspoken.

The times when people stood alone,

With their future and living, all unknown.


All, in the middle of one storm,

Waiting for the sun’s light to form.

They knew to not separate,

In times of despair and hate.


To make their hopes fulfill, 

They stood straight,

Waiting for the warmth to fill,

Their cold and bitter fate


Then the beam of light shined its way,

Glistening through all the grey.

Gave motive and life,

To everyone, in rife.

United States of America