I inserted nonfiction into fictional stories. 

* * *

What does being an adult mean?

In my opinion, the moment you realize that life is not all about playing around and having fun, that’s when you become an adult.

The moment you take your responsibility on your own shoulder and no longer feel dependent on your parents, that is when you become an adult.

The moment you understand the rules and regulations of life yourself, that’s when you become an adult.

* * *

We spend our whole lives with ourselves, yet we know so little about our own selves. When we are asked, suddenly we discover that we are surprisingly ignorant about who we are, what our powers and weaknesses are, what we are capable of, what our dreams or passions are, what our likings and disliking are. This is what happens to most of us.

In our life, sometimes we need someone else to discover ourselves. There are some traits hidden inside of us that we are not aware of. People lead us to discover those traits and potentials.

* * *

Everyone has their times when they feel down and suffocated by their own problems. At those times, everyone wants to go to their own world and be cut off from everyone else, not wanting to get in touch with anyone. Even the ones known as the best listeners have their worst times when they don’t feel like listening. Even the most patient people have such downtimes which make them impatient.

The problem is no one wants to see them in that state. Ignorant about their mental state, they still keep making them listen to their own ramblings. They don’t understand, or they don’t want to understand. So we hide our true feelings, wear a mask and still put the other one first while struggling with our own sufferings, unable to get a listening ear or a comforting hug. They have to play the role of listeners, but no one will listen to them. Society wants us to stay perfect all the time.

Not listening is interpreted as not interested, not replying to text is interpreted as disliking, not meeting often is interpreted as lack of love. Without even knowing the real reason behind it.

In the end, everyone is alone at their worst times.

That’s because it seems like the listeners will forever be listeners, and speakers will forever be speakers.

That's why the problem begins, misunderstanding arises and when it continues, it ends up with a fallout or in the worst case, brings the end of a relationship.

Understanding each other is the core of a relationship.

* * *

Marriage is a way of forming a family. That’s why people should try to treat their spouse as they would treat a family member. Sometimes you may fight with each other, sometimes you may not able to be patient and tolerant anymore. But think twice before making a decision. As you have to live together with that person, you have to deal with both the good and bad sides. But try to accept that person. Sometimes getting married after falling in love doesn’t work out, because before marriage the couple can’t see the bad sides of each other often. But after marriage, they start to see that more and more and wonder what made their partner change like that.

Both sides should work to fix things between them.

Acceptance, trust, respect and love for each other, understanding, compromising and sometimes even sacrificing are the keys to build a successful relationship.

* * *

Love is always complicated. Self-love is no different.

The first step feels easy. The second one is harder than the first one. The third one is even harder. Sometimes you will feel like giving up. Especially when society is against you – or you feel so. Even when you do your best, society will tell you to do better. And when you stumble or fall down, they won’t help you. They will tell you about your wrongdoings, regardless of what you are going through. Society always wants perfection, even though nobody is perfect.

Love doesn’t care about perfection or mistakes. When we love someone, no matter how faulty that person is, we always unconditionally accept that one. Simply because it’s him or her. The concept of loving yourself is just that. Giving yourself the same love you give others, and the same love you get from others.

Once you reach the stage of loving yourself, you will discover not only the beauty in you but also in other people. That’s why it’s said that ‘‘True love begins with loving yourself.’’

* * *

“What is the purpose of living?” It is not a question that a seventeen-year-old is supposed to ask, perhaps? People who think about these things are usually self-centered. Their lives revolve around themselves. And at a point, they lose the meaning of living.

* * *

Those who hate other people must have hated themselves at some point in their lives.

* * *

They say ‘Honesty is the best policy’. But in real life, society accepts and appreciates the liars – the ones who hide under a mask and constantly lie, pretending to be fine all the time and don't shed a single drop of tears. The ones who are honest are considered social outcasts.