Telling parents what's on our minds

A picture of me silhouetted against the sky

Struggling with your mental health is always hard, particularly opening up about it and trying to put it all into words. For me it was the hardest part to try and talk to people close to me.

Trying to explain what I had yet to understand and process was very infuriating. I was scared of being misunderstood and judged. Thankfully my friends were supportive and my parents, although worried, did their best to create a safe space for me. 

I know it was hard for them too, I would at times need more of their attention and then most of the time I would want them to let me handle it on my own. 

I have always been more introverted even when growing up. Never liked sharing what I was going through with anyone and it has always been hard for them to reach out to me and that just became worse when I was diagnosed with anxiety. So we all had to find a way for it all to be easier.

So I tried my best to be honest and open about  everything I was experiencing and they tried their best to understand and to learn when to intervene and when I would need space. So I can truly say being open and honest about everything has been key for me.

There are always so many things you can do to help a loved one that is struggling, especially if you are a parent. Most of the time it's the parents we trust the most and they are the first people we turn  to about our problems.

The first steps to take would be to be informed on the topic, that would make it easier to understand and also you would be able to see the signs or understand our behaviour better. Sometimes we only need someone to listen, just so we get it off our chest and it feels less heavy and less lonely. 

Having to go through all of it is already hard, so we just need them to reach out their hand  to us so we know we’re not alone.