The thing about yourself

The Thing ABout Jellyfish

Have you ever read “The Thing about Jellyfish” by Ali Benjamin? If not let me enlighten you. It is about a young girl, Suzy, proving that a jellyfish is the reason why her best friend passed on. But, in reality it is about grief, guilt and moving on. I truly recommend this book because of its message and themes that, I believe everyone is experiencing or will experience in their lives.

It takes one moment to change or break us. One moment everything we had may disappear right before our eyes. It’s hard to take everything on by yourself. But the thing is you’re not by yourself. Always remember those around you. Your family, friends, teachers and people who wants to be close to you. Do not push them away. Whatever happen in the past will only harm you if you let it. If you feel guilty about something, sooner or later you need to face it or forever be its prisoner. No one deserves that much pain, even if you think you do.

There will always be a part of ourselves who will seek justice. A part of ourselves that would never accept what happened. Whether this is a failing grade, a break up or the lost of someone truly special. Guilt means that you are sorry, that you regretted what happened. Even if you think its all your fault, remember that the fact that you are grieving, that you are guilty is a sign that you will be better. That you are willing to change for yourself and for others.

Sometimes things just happen and it is better to leave it that way than torturing yourself. You may have lost the chance to say goodbye, or sorry, or that you love him or her. But, don’t let yourself lose the chance to move on, to find someone new or to be with those who are dear to you.