What about Peace?

World Peace

Peace a word so loosely used
Thought to bring a calm
To the noise around me
The noise around me stating he’s right and she’s wrong
But this conflict is more than a message in a song
This conflict has preceded generations, upon generations
A solution that founded treaties, made borders, bartered resources and married nations
But somewhere along the line something shifted our perspective
It changed our view!!
There is no peace but pieces of broken people, nations, relationships and civilizations
The right to bear arms in the name of peace
but the peace is to stare down the barrel of a loaded gun
To gain favor due to the power of the nuclear bomb
Bombarding me with questions of who are the true PEACE KEEPERS and THIRD PARTIES
Why the need to invade nations in the name of peace
Peace be still but their peace is made out of steal
Stealing what is left of the shreds of humanity
My peace may not be your peace and your peace not mine
But why not in the name of peace can we get this concept defined???

United States of America