What are the challenges I have faced as a young person? #YouthDay

As a young person, I encounter problems

As a young person, or rather an aspiring changemaker, I've always felt the need to change others around me and I encounter it as a challenge. Changing a long-standing tradition is easier than changing mindsets of people, which can be very permanent and concrete at times. It is very difficult to get people to agree with you. And this is one challenge I would like to mention. 

Another challenge is the oblivion I come to terms with everyday. Our generation has the gift of technology and innovation and I still find ourselves rather vehemently ignorant or unwilling to induce change, although there are copious possibilities of doing it. It is extremely necessary for us to identify social, political and cyber evils and fight them with our GenZ aptitude. This, I feel is in itself a huge problem that calls for urgent attention and solution. 

Another issue is the lack of resources people having will have to come across or this can be called discrimination. We've always required people with the "right mindset" and brainchild, but we have lagged behind in identifying the right embodiments. There are so many countries still unable to realize the potential of their youth and channelise it in the right direction. I feel, first we need to recruit our teams, teams of change and then fight problems. 

These are some issues I would want to resolve and challenges that I face as a young person.