What is the difference between an XX chromosome and an XY? Nothing!

A photo from the gender equality movement called "KadıköyYaşatır"

"More than 300 women were killed in 2021 in Turkey" 

This is the kind of news that I see everywhere: from Twitter to Instagram and other social media platforms. But is it really fair to kill women for no reason? Absolutely not! Is it worth killing young women and taking their dreams from their hands? Absolutely not! But why are we doing so?

Is it because women are seen as inferior to men? But who did impose this mentality that men have more privileges than women do? Do you think about what is the role of a woman in society? Maybe to take care of her children, to cook, and to be a good housewife, right?

But why is there such a stereotypical portrayal of women that they have to take care of the house? Why can’t women just go and begin a job and earn their salary and stand on their feet? This is because of the longstanding culture and the gender inequality created in our society. Sadly, we, women, have harvested this idea of being inferior and not being enough.

They say women cannot be engineers or scientists because they are too “masculine”. But what IS masculine? What is the parameter for something to be masculine? I think you couldn’t find any reasons too. Every woman has the right to do anything they want and be the person they want to be. They can be a very successful scientist who contributes to cancer research or a doctor who saves patients' lives. But the thing that has to change is the patriarchal mentality we see even in our photo search for the word “engineer”.

There shouldn’t be any distinction due to gender because we are all equal. Now question yourself: Does having an XX chromosome change our abilities rather than having an XY?


Republic of Türkiye