Where did you go?

End Sars protest in Lagos
End Sars protest in Lagos

My world, my world, oh where did you go?

Gone with George Floyd, Breonna and the glacier snows

My world, my world we don’t even know

if we’ll be here to reap what we’ve sown

Who knows where you’ll be in the next ten years?

Maybe you’ll be drowned in our never-ending tears

Or submerged by the fears that haunt our souls 

My world, what have we done to deserve this toll?


Does anyone hear my cry? 

Or do they turn a deaf ear and to the injustices a blind eye?

Does the world care about the lives lost during the protest of End Sars?

About the innocent people behind bars?

About the bodies carried away in carts?

The families they have torn apart?

My world, is this our destruction at last?


My world, you must be really ruffled

 We took all your trees, but you can’t be that nettled  

 My world, my world, what did you think would come next?

 After industrialization, don’t tell me you didn’t suspect

 That we would misuse the gifts you gave us that make us blessed

  I am sorry if you are unimpressed

 But to be candid, what did you expect?

But there's always that glimmer of hope

That we hang onto like a rope

The smiles that dot the Earth

The homely fires in our hearth

Those little pockets of peace we experience everyday

That give us the confidence to say

 That we are here to stay

I know we will get there although it seems far

 My world, oh there you are.