Why Do We Need Human Rights Day?

People Fighting for Human Rights!

We humans are sometimes responsible for violating other person's Human's Rights.

We are the ones who talks about Humanity or Humanism, but aren't the ones who follows Humanity.

Furthermore, we humans are full of Jealousy, Hatred and Coldness in our hearts.

We often speak of Love or to Love others or About Peace, but here's a question for ourselves; Do we really love the concept of Peace and Love?

And that is the reason, we celebrate the Human Rights Day annually on the 10th of December. This Day marks the importance of Human Rights is our society and the World.

Rights are the thing, which all must get equally.

If we talk about Rights then there are actually a lot of Rights around the World for which we are fighting even now!

This #HumanRightsDay let's #StandUp4HumanRights