#Worldchildren'sday: A glimmer of hope.

Confetti over a blue background.

World Children's Day: A beautiful day that reminds us of the power our precious children possess. They are hope, they are sunshine, they are the torchbearers of a bright future that lies miles ahead of us.

On children's day, we look at the various opportunities and arenas of growth this world has to offer to children. It's like a beautiful, multifaceted rainbow, children from all countries, all backgrounds, all genders, all identities and all groups merge together to form a magnificent spectrum of colours and growth and societal uplift. Children are the living form of a seraphic character, they are true, they are pure, they are kind, they lend a helping hand, they love nature, animals and the various pristine creations mother earth has to offer. We can truly, potentially rely on them as the saviours of our future, as the creators of a bright destiny, for the earth and its children. 

Children, I believe are the best raw material that can be moulded into true human demeanour, they can be taught to be themselves, with not a vestige of fear. They should be taught to appreciate who they are, be who they aspire and change the defaults, some of their own kind have inadvertently or intentionally created. 

Children are brimming with hope, love and kindness, all they need is support and wings to fly and then they will touch angel heights and make this world proud of their existence! 

A very happy and prosperous children's day to all of us! We, truly have the potential to transform this world! 

Gunchaa, 17, India.