You are not perfect, but you are beautiful

A girl crying and an anime girl looking at mirror

In this world full of perfectionists and judgemental behaviour, loving yourself is so important. Because, people around you will always try to change you and want you to be a certain way. Because of it, losing yourself is something very easy. If you get into it once and start changing yourself because of others, you will never know how beautiful you were. You will forget who you were. You won't know the treasures within you. You will end up being a doll made by others. 
Loving yourself is not so easy. Especially because of everyone around you. But still, you must try to love yourself. You have to face who you really are. If you want to do something for the world, be you. You can do something for the world, but if you become a doll made by the moulds of others, you cannot. 
Everyone has their own, unique value. Everyone has a pretty mind and pretty soul. You must cherish and love it. We are human beings. Nobody in the world is perfect. It's alright to be imperfect. Because your imperfections will make who you are. It's alright to make mistakes. Every mistake is a lesson. You should learn from your mistakes and correct it, but shouldn’t hate yourself for it. Look yourself in the mirror. See how beautiful you are. Say yourself how beautiful you are. Tell yourself what things you love about yourself. Tell yourself how strong you are. Instead of finding the faults, find the beautiful things inside of you. Sometimes people find something as your fault or problematic which are not really, they are just imperfections. Don’t let them go. Embrace them. It's alright to be who you are.

There are times when you need to put yourself first. It's alright to do that. It’s not selfish. You need to know the difference between being selfish and self love. The two concepts are not similar. Taking care of yourself is not selfish. Loving yourself isn't selfish either. 

Once one of my favourite persons said the love we receive from the people allows us to love ourselves. Not all of the people around us are so judgemental. There are people who give us warmth and love. They accept us just the way we are and kind towards us. Listen to them. They will help you to find yourself.

I myself experience the importance of loving myself everyday. I have disabilities. If I didn’t love myself and accept my disabilities, I would not have come this far. If someone tells something like, "Oh, poor girl.... " or something like this, I become infuriated. Another thing is my introversion. Many people may think that I am anti-social, boring, stuck up and so on. But I know who I am. I am simply an introvert. And I know introversion is not my problem. It's my power, my own unique characteristics. I cherish my introvert nature everyday. 

People pointing fingers and a girl formed heart by her hand
I gave this example to show you the power of loving myself. How people around myself see me and how I see myself. See how different it is.

Stop seeing yourself through others eyes. See yourself through your own eyes. Say yourself kind words. Take care of yourself gently. Be kind to yourself as you are to others. Don’t hurt and hate yourself anymore. You have a pretty soul. Please cherish it. You will discover limitless possibilities inside of you. Not only that. If you love yourself, you will learn to take care of your relationships too. You will be sincere towards them more than ever before. Because by learning to accept yourself with your own imperfections and flaws, you will learn to accept others too. 

Let's start it from today. Take a small, simple step - look into the eyes of your reflection in the mirror and say, "I love you." Sounds easy? Just try it! 

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