Human Rights

Reimagining a world without discrimination

Every child deserves to live and grow in a world free of discrimination. As part of UNICEF's Youth Mediathon, a group of young content creators from the United States of America, Romania, Nigeria and the United Kingdom were challenged to reimagine a future without discrimination.

Check out the multimedia project that Samuel Amos, Sophia Chew, Andreea Coscai, Hannah Imordi, Jasmine Liu and Holly Raidl developed under the mentorship of Katarzyna Pawelczyk.


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Youth Mediathon
Youth Mediathon

LGBTQI allyship

About the team


Samuel (Sammy) Amos is a photographer from the USA who wants to make a difference in the world through content creation. You can check some of his works here.

"A big question and a goal for myself for a while has been how to integrate my desire to make the world a better place into my content creation. I know that I have promise and talent and I have made it a life long goal of mine to figure out how to help make the world a better place."

Sophia Chew is a 16-year-old photographer from the Seattle, in the USA. In March she created a community for teenagers around the world to use photography as a creative outlet in times of inconsistency and fear. This is her Instagram account.

"I wanted to offer positivity in a time of darkness, and give teens something to look forward to. Our photographs cover issues like racism, mental health, and personal experiences as young people and people of color. I consider myself a feminist, believer in human empathy, and advocate against toxic masculinity. I want to spread positivity and educate others through my photos and content creating. "

Andreea Coscai from Romania, has always been passionate about creation. She would create her own collaged magazines, write stories, and play-pretend that she was a radio DJ. However, only recently did she discover what she considers is her mission: to pursue audiences into taking social action by portraying important multicultural issues through media. You can visit Andreaa's website.

"I dedicate my time and energy to is gender equality. I take every opportunity to approach it in my media work and study it in courses from a multitude of academic and cultural perspectives."

Hannah Imordi is a 19-year-old poet from Nigeria, currently living as a refugee in Italy. She just finished the first cycle of school and will apply for the United World College and other high school program in Italy. Her passion is advocating for girls' rights.

"We need to help these people attain their dreams or simply reach a happy ending in their lives. We need to embrace them, not cast them away. Before we change the world, we should begin to change ourselves.”

Jasmine Liu is a 18-year-old Asian-American from Philadelphia, USA, majoring in computer science and minoring in art. Her hobbies include watching documentaries, painting and creating a personal blog. With her passion for coding, writing, art and fashion, she has created a digital space for her to open up.

"'Reimagining a Future Without Discrimination' stands out to me as it has a personal touch to myself. Growing up Asian American has caused an internal battle for myself. Was I defined by the color of my skin, or the color of my heart? And through these unprecedented and uncertain times, I have seen my community be hit even harder than ever before. Racial harassment and stereotypes have continued to resurface. I want to stand up for racial justice and hope to do so under the guidance of mentors and professionals. I want my voice to echo and disperse across the world with power. Together, I want to bring awareness in addressing and reimagining people of all colors standing united as one."

Holly Raidl is a 21-year-old artist from the UK, mostly creating comics, with her work being featured in some press anthologies. In her spare time, Holly writes comic reviews and is interested in telling stories, always concerned with the idea of making meaningful work. You can see some of her works here.

"There are several causes which I have been associated with, including LGBT+ rights, mental health, and access to education. As well as attending numerous Pride events and making signs for protests I utilised some of my skills as a graphic designer to create graphics detailing the events of Queen's University Belfast's LGBT+ History Week in 2019."