Arise, Strive & Strike

Arise, Strive & strike

Strong my will is,
Human as I am
Sunken are the Childhood dreams,
As a man now I am
Despair, destitution, distinction haunts me,
Fear clutches my soul
Yet, flames an eternal fire, keeping me onboard
Voices of me heart asks to fight more,
And I'll never stop till I've done my role.
Rise! whispers a voice in me,
Igniting my heart like a fireball,
Blazing my soul in a crimson glow,
Rise from fear, rise from tears,
Rise from being an evil doer,
Rise from pain, rise from gain,
Rise from the game of fame and shame,
Rise from envy, rise from hatred,
And break the chains of your ignorance,
So the voice says,
And I awakes,
I'll Arise, Strive and Strike,
To become the best of my own kind.
With all the Goodness in my eyes, 
I'll shine up above the sky,
Gleaming in the darkest night,
That's when you'll know I did things Right.