Child labour - A Curse

A child washing utensils

Children are the gifts of God. They are to be protected, nurtured and moulded into a personality they would want to be. They are as delicate as a petal of a rose, but with that softness comes the liability of being crushed. If guided well, they can lead the future. Nowadays, children, to be precise, kidnapped children, homeless children, orphan children, they are all directed to manual labour. It may be begging on the streets or working on a construction site, which is no place to be for a minor. 


Children are the future. But when instead of helping them discover themselves, they are directed to labour it indirectly affects the growth of the country. Children, they need to play, they need to fall and learn to get up, they need to enjoy being a kid. But with child labour, this all is just a dream. Even now, there are those children, who are working hard day and night, just so they could eat one times food, those children who are studying from the worn-out books, from whom you can barely read. 


Government has set many rights and laws to eradicate child labour, to get children to school. Eg- the right to education act, etc. But still, we need to take some concrete steps, to ensure that no child will be deprived of education, childhood, that no child will be forced to work. Child labour is a curse, for every child. Their potential is dug deep into the ground, they are withheld from the opportunities to prove themselves. Where they could possibly be learning, dreaming, they are forced to labour. 


We all need to come together. We need to take actions. We need to stop wherever child labours are working. We need to provide them with education, the food so that they won't need to work. We need to stop those people who are forcing homeless children to work. Actions speak louder than work. So if you agree with me think about the ways you can child labour near your locality, school anywhere you see. Think about those ways and put them to work. If determined, Even one person can make a change.