Exceptional education system


Justice is a word that human beings have been trying to establish since the beginning of civilization. Justice means justice and equality. One of the most basic ways to achieve justice is for all people to have access to inclusive education as a change in the educational system. Inclusive education is the understanding and search for educational needs for all children.
Focusing on this system is a transformation for students who are vulnerable to rejection and deprivation or need education. In the field of education, the word exceptional refers to children who are visually different from other children of the same age physically or mentally, and exceptional education is a system of teaching and learning and, most importantly, a special educational system for the disabled.
An educational system by isolating people based on their abilities and disabilities leads to the isolation of these people and taking such education causes a gap between children with disabilities and normal children and also leads to their incorrect knowledge of each other. This gap is not only in education but also in their daily lives.
Creating a suitable environment at the community level is essential to be able to accommodate children with special needs. At the time of integration, when one or more students with disabilities enter regular schools because the school is fully owned by normal students, it creates a spark of incompatibility between students and their parents. According to the laws approved by the United Nations and the Islamic Council of Iran, the disabled have the right to impose themselves in ordinary schools like ordinary students, and this right has been introduced in the laws for the protection of the rights of the disabled.
Educational management, the media, and parents need to teach their children that difference between people is a fact and has no negative consequences. Unfortunately, in order to create such a culture, the principals themselves have not reached this understanding and sometimes they are forced to change their child's school due to the education of a disabled student or Oliara. This culture should start with the educational administrators themselves, for example, administrators and teachers should be familiar with visually impaired students and their limitations.
If someone is barred from studying for the disabled in any situation, he is a criminal and a criminal act has been committed and can be prosecuted.
In society, all citizens should study in normal conditions and a correct and healthy culture should be available. When a child with a disability who is perfectly healthy in intelligence but has problems with his legs, and uses a wheelchair, why not study in a normal environment?
Why not treat him like a superhero and add a few problems to a student with a disability? This is why it is related to culture and education - a job that is rarely done, and when the principal and teacher do not have the culture and attitude that everyone should study under normal circumstances, what should be expected from the student who attends that class? 
In developed countries, this issue has been somewhat resolved and they have somehow come to terms with it more easily. They have even provided special facilities for this group that can easily continue their normal life in society like healthy people.

Islamic Republic of Iran