Fellow youths, let's save endangered peace!!

A paper on a table top with a pen and mug full of tea. Peace, clarity, balance, focus, declutter your mind is written on the paper.

"We read the word peace, we comprehend it, we want peace but we don't want to give it".

If we rotate a globe, the model of our mother earth, we'll come across 7 continents and 7 oceans. If zoomed into continents, it's divided into 195 countries. All the 195 countries are aware of the word peace. They understand it too in whatever language they speak. They celebrate International World Peace day which is dedicated to the absence of war and violence. They yearn for peace at any cost, but do they offer peace to others? In school we learn the true definition of peace but practically we hardly get to see peace rather we get to see people pleading for peace around the globe. The ideology of living in peace and letting others live in peace has long been adopted but not practised yet. Destroying others' peace for selfish desire is all over the place. 

Here I am addressing my fellow young minds, the future of a better tomorrow in concern of the consistently deteriorating peace on mother earth. Today isn't in our hands but undoubtedly the future will be. We are not leaders today however we are the leaders of tomorrow. While growing up most people lose humanity and turn out to be ruthless. The examples of ruthless leaders are there in history. I request each one of my fellow youth to keep checking on themselves, especially when they will be grown ups and mother earth will be in their hands so that they don't turn into those ruthless ones. Peace is on the verge of getting extinct. More than 82.4 million people at global level who are forced to flee their homes are the consequences of inhuman behaviour of such rulers. More than 5.6 million Palestinians' refugees, 2.6 million Afghan refugees, 6.6 million Syrian refugees, 1.1 million Rohingya refugees, 2.3 million South Sudan refugees, 5.9 million Venezuela refugees and migrants and recently 1 million Ukrainian refugees and many others innocent souls are in misery and peace is out of their sight as a result of conflicts and prosecution. These millions of people suffer for food, shelter and children are deprived of education. On one hand people are struggling to achieve sustainable goals and on the other hand millions of people are intentionally made to suffer for basic needs like food, shelter, and education. 

Please set "spreading and creating peace on mother earth" as one of your aims. Stick it in your mind forever that before being divided into 7 continents and 195 countries we are earthlings. My dear fellows, do remember the worst leaders are those who use their power to harm innocent life, snatching away peace for their own selfish desire. The best are those who are considerate to everyone. Today we are innocent souls, tomorrow our power and position could turn us violent. In order to not forget morals and ethics in future, let's better remind ourselves from today and every day that war and violence is a sinful act and in no means it should be initiated. It will always lead the world to destruction. The level of destruction can be imagined by reading and learning the destruction already caused by wars occurred in history.

Shower equal amounts of love to everyone. Practice equality which seems to be taught everywhere but hardly practiced. Whatever you choose for yourself, choose the same for others too. Those ruthless leaders do not harm and hate every single person, they do love like a gentle and kind person but their sympathy, love, kindness is only for a selective group of people. Learn to feel others, just imagine being pushed out of the house forever, just imagine your loved ones taken away from you forever. Let's promise everyday to ourselves that whatever the situation will be, we won't harm innocent life, you will maintain peace on mother earth. Undoubtedly everyone wants to gain fame, success and everyone has full right to have all these but gaining these by destroying others' peace is a mug's game. Today with our heavy heart ,we can only raise our voice against oppression, which may or may not be heard. Tomorrow will be ours, we ourselves will hear our voices and will hear others' voices at the same. Not only learn to maintain peace but actually practice things to maintain peace because the enemies of peace have knowledge but they don't practice. They even teach others to maintain peace and protest against those who destroy peace but themselves destroy others' peace. So, once again jotting down this line "Not only learn to maintain peace but actually practice things to maintain peace". Let's promise mother earth that peace will prevail all over the place forever!