How war changed me

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I was 11-years-old when the war started in my country Syria. I was too young to understand what was actually happening. Before the war started I had many dreams. I wanted to be a doctor, be with my friends forever, or grow older at the same place where I lived. But suddenly, I found myself without dreams, friends and dolls. I woke up one morning and everywhere was full of hatred, I have seen many horrific scenes that are still stuck in my brain.


I had to change the place where I live to start a new life again, but I became despaired, secluded, more shy and more nervous.


I was going to school again, but still nervous and shy. I tried to start making friends and have a new social life. I spent my birthday very sick.

i did not like the situation so I start to be social person and be freed from being introvert
I was still without dreams, but as I saw many of my friends have a dreams l asked myself, " Why should I be depressed while life goes on out there?". So I searched within myself and I finally found what I want.


I am steadily advancing to my new dreams, without fearing the future or letting my past affect me. My birthday is this month and I am filled with happiness with my new friends and dreams.

What I am trying to say is that, no matter what is happening to you, do not give up on your dreams. I did not allow the war to affect my future and so you; do not allow the past to negatively change you and affect your future. You have full control of your life.

Unfortunately, I have met many people who have no dreams in their lives. But we are born with a purpose and we have to seek to find and achieve it. If you want to make your future bright and want to make your dreams come true: start TODAY. We are the change we make in the world when we decide to start with ourselves.

We are the change we make in the world when we decide to start with ourselves.
Syrian Arab Republic