Let’s move on from black and white

You’re always one decision away from a totally different life

There’s always black and white and yet we still go through the same hardships,

Why does one have to feel superior than the other when we are all chasing the same goals?

You got to understand that slavery doesn’t exist anymore, it’s written in the book of laws.

People of color have to stop feeling inferior and people who are white have to stop feeling more superior, because you got to agree we all succeed and fail.

Why can’t we move on? Why can’t we move past black and white? Why can’t we become one “HUMAN”?

Stuck in the past and living the same problem each and everyday. How much more do we need to see and hear?

Gender inequality, racism, violence and brutality everywhere.

How inconsiderate can we get or should I say how inhumane?

We see and hear about these issues daily and yet no one wants to move or act because in the end everyone is a victim right? 

When are we going to change it?

To move forward?

Let us...

Just move on.