a child laborer working at a construction site in India

Nepotism is not just limited to Bollywood chat shows or the film industry, rather it has been the foundation of every society since the beginning of mankind. An actor’s kid is expected to be an actor, a lawyer’s kid a lawyer, doctors kid a doctor, and a laborer’s kid is unfortunately exploited even before birth, and forced to become a bounded child laborer.

Child labor is one of the many social issues that demand immediate redressal. In common terms, child labor can be defined as the brutal practice of employing an underage child in any sort of work, menial, construction, or otherwise.

These young and vulnerable minds are caught up in a vicious cycle of neve ending poverty, brutality, and injustice. At a young age where they should be attending school, be carefree, and playing under the sun, their lives are clouded with misery and overburdened as a result of which, they are forced to live a life of hardship. They are forced to give up their childhood and work with their parents to be able to have a proper meal per day, hence being completely ripped off their basic child rights.

Child labor is not only a blot on the society, but also brings out the evil face of mankind. On one hand, we think of going to the moon and on the other hand, we are putting the lives of thousands of future astronauts on stake.

Progress of a society, a nation, a country, and ultimately the world is only possible when we work in solidarity, and the future generation is ready to take up any challenge thrown at them. The first step towards this will be to release the impoverished bounded child labor.