A safer world for women

The image of an eye and a flower which represent the beauty of women.

I once read an article, where they asked a few ladies what they would do if men were to disappear from the world for 24 hours.

"I'd sleep with my windows open", "I'd walk home from work at night", "I'd have walks in the park after it gets dark in the summer"...were among the answers ,and if we look carefully at these answers, we notice all of them are things a female should be able to do what is her natural right regardless of the presence of men. 

It is almost impossible to walk past somewhere and not be catcalled by someone who finds it funny, who finds it totally normal to harass women in the middle of the street, who finds your outfit "inappropriate" and gives himself the right to disturb you with sickening comments.

In cases like that you were either actually dressed inappropriately, asking for it, you were out too late, or you were walking by them on purpose, but you are never the victim. And it is heartbreaking to think that sometimes they make you believe that.

But it is NOT about how we dress, NOT about what time it was, NOT about where we were coming from or where we were going. It is about who they are, it is about their personalities, it is about the society who raised them to believe they are somehow superior just because they are "men". 

We will be successful only when women can freely walk home from work, when women can sleep with their windows open, when women can wear whatever they want and not be blamed by others who lack respect -  when women can do all the things they normally have the right to do without men having to disappear.