waiting for that day.

me in Amsterdam

Personally, every single time I leave my house; whether it is to go into town, to college, for a run or just to go to a party, one thing always crosses my mind- is what I'm wearing too 'risky'? 

I don't use the term 'risky' in the context of is this too 'outgoing'? - I wish I did! instead, I am constantly concerned to whether I will be sexualised or objectified in any outfit I decide to wear, whether its a dress, a skirt, shorts or even skinny jeans. And that scares me... so much. 

I have been raised in a society where it is your clothing that determines your consent, your clothing is a symbol for your promiscuity. The piece of cotton that wraps around your skin can be used against you to the point of which you could spend a life in prison.

It has gotten to the point in this corrupt society that your clothing has a bigger voice than you. My lace bra seems to shout "yes" louder than I, a human, can scream "no". 

The point I am trying to make is that I am waiting for the day that I can walk through the street with shorts and not be whistled at, I am waiting for the day that I am able to be at work without being asked why my boobs are so big, I am waiting for the day that I can feel respected and valued in society rather than feeling objectified and dehumanised. So together, lets raise awareness of how ones clothing choices is not a synonym for their consent and make a difference in the justice system in regards to victim blaming. 

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