A step towards an equal world for all

A woman looking at a view

"When the world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful " - Malala.

Dear young people,

My name is Elyes, I am 14 and I have lived in Switzerland since I was a child. Fighting for my rights and equality has always been an important part of my life, and now I've learned, it is a battle that I‘ll never stop focusing on. We are living in a world where no one can live without being judged or being subjected to stereotypes. We stick a label on you that can be very hard to take off. 

One of the reasons I am contributing my voice as a young person today, is to show that nobody and truly nobody should invalidate or deny the negative actions that are destroying people day by day. Everybody has the same rights as their neighbor, sibling or even a celebrity. We are one race: human. We should be a helping hand for others.

So I am stepping into this digital space to defend my ideas and show how we can make this terrible situation for many people in the world, to a better and more pulchritudinous one.

« life’s more persistent question is, what are you doing for others? »-Martin Luther King. Jr.,

I assume that others may not take my ideas seriously because of my age, but please consider my voice and that we, teenagers of today, are caring about our tomorrow's earth and society. Age is not a question or a condition, I as many other people my age can have a strong idea rather than a superannuated one. Every single human being should have the ability to speak and share their own point of view no matter their religion, colour or even the letter of your chromosome.

I consider myself an average person. You are surely asking yourself, what is special with me, and why me? The answer is that, I am ebullient and proud of myself, proud of my thoughts and I think I can be important in this society. I can also be considered as a step ahead in this revolution, where youth are able to talk and play an active role in this world. So I am raising my voice, to end a dead silence, fostered by those that are afraid to speak and to debate rights. Yes, I am committing to make these buried voices get louder and louder. I am begging you to join me in speaking up.

It is surely not the solution to this pitiful problem, but it is a step towards change for a better world. And remember: 

« In a gentle way, you can shake the world »-Mahatma Gandhi.