Strive to unite all nations!

Unity in diversity
It is not about what color of skin we have, not about from where you are. It is more on about who you are and what you can do to make the world a better place.

Globalization makes it easier to travel and live in different places around the world. People with differing traditions and customs living with each other may raise some issues. However, here is where I believe the government should take action in ensuring peace and the common good.

This starts with the government implementing rules to maintain equal benefits of its citizens. If people in a particular place feel belongingness and equality, people will be happier, satisfied and will live harmoniously with others. We have heard about many life stories of discrimination and racial distinctions, that have caused people to suffer. Therefore, to prevent these things from happening again, the government should strictly look at bringing equality between different sets of ethnic minorities to ensure unity and peace.

In addition, the government should take action on the information that may affect people’s way of thinking on others. May it be in the form of a book, TV shows, or others, if their aim is to make propaganda of unfair and unjust information – then they must be banned.

In conclusion, peace, equality, and belongingness can be possibly achieved if the government takes steps in making rules and implementing them as long term solutions to make countries be as close as possible to one another.