To the, Tunisian dreams, scraper… (part 3)

Elyes Ayadi voices of youth raina Ayadi in Kerkennah



Far from remorses, from crime, from pain, Take me away, wagon, take me away, frigate, this sentence was familiar to me, a quote among the thorny flowers hurt me, but I didn't care anymore, and life didn't bother me.
If before I stood in front of a window, now I was in total darkness.
I was as white as Candide and my misdeeds were less, but yet I felt myself near the Styx marshland.
When life no longer smiles, joy becomes unimaginable, the outcome was clear.
If the shadow over the city was only a shadowy image, then my soul was no longer alive and so for the last time I gave my last breath to creation.
A glance thrown at the hatred of the world, makes suffering followed by suffering. A bullet in the back opens the veins of a young boy and makes a whole city sink into eternal decline. In the eyes of a code, a norm, self-destruction is unforgivable to you, to the cries of life, this was imposed on you and us.
In that last moment, my arm gave way to me, a square of light separated the visible from the real world, from what it is not from the world of appearances, and made me distinguish what I had been running away from for a long time. Shadows over the city, my sun disappeared and suddenly death calls me.
To the trees of the wild banality, to the enemies of the cruel quarrel of life, to the parents of the wounded child and to the breakers of childish dreams, you all had succeeded in making a tear flow in my heart by pointing your weapon at my eye and in a certainly prompt manner I bid you my last farewells.
This 3 sections text called : "To the, Tunisian dreams, scraper…"  is a tribute to the victims of the attack in Sousse in Tunisia on 26 June 2015.
In the middle of the holidays, several people lost their lives.
Let us never forget what some people went through to teach humanity a lesson. May God bless them.

بارك ا لله فيهم.